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BETA kicks off Inaugural Six-a-side Cricket League

The inaugural six-a-side Cricket League of the Bhutan Education & Technology Academy Park (The BETA Park) will kick off on Nov 20 at the BETA Park premises.

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1st Foundation Day + 2nd MarComm Event of The BETA Park

The Future Begins Here

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The BETA Park Hosts FIFA & Basketball League Tournaments

The BETA Park has organized FIFA & Basketball League tournaments to promote camaraderie among the student community.

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Social Engineering

A type of confidence trick for the purpose of information gathering, fraud, or system access, it differs from a traditional "con" in that it is often one of many steps in a more complex fraud scheme.

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Leadership for the 21st Century Workplace

To be successful in today's dynamic business landscape (now frequently referred to as the VUCA world), leaders need to be able to shift between their multiple roles with ease. At one point, they might need to act as commander-in-chief of their organisations, while at another point they might need to act as mentors to a high performance team or an individual. It is all about leadership versatility and being able to lead effectively across generations, cultures, mindsets and differing sets of motivations, to survive in the VUCA 21st century workplace.

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 BETA P & C Dialogue - Building & Sustaining a Workplace

A company that has long term sustainable success or sustaining success usually has a great culture that guides it. When you find an organisation that has got the culture right, it doesn’t matter who is in charge, it doesn’t matter what is happening out in the competition, they will always be successful. 

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Combating Dis/Misinformation and Conspiracy Theories

Misinformation is a common problem in all media, but is exacerbated in digital social media due to the speed and ease with which it can be spread. Furthermore, at this speed, providing countervailing corrective information in a timely manner is even more challenging. The social web enables people to spread information rapidly without confirmation of truth.

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HR Solution - MiHCM

MiHCM the modern, user-friendly Human Capital Management system designed to deepen visibility into your workforce, develop your employees, source the best talent and optimise the overall HR process-objectives that are barely achievable with fundamentally obsolete legacy systems.

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P&C Dialogue - Performance Management Framework

Our associates voted for the next topic and we hope this holds relevance for you too - PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORK - PMF. A good Performance Management Framework enhances employee engagement, improves productivity, and promotes employee development. An effective performance management framework requires commitment and dedication from the P&C (normally known as HR) team, managers and employees/associates.

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AI IoT STEM demonstration

This month we are talking about “AI IoT STEM demonstration” with local and international IT/ICT experts. The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly emerging as the next generation of communication infrastructure, where a myriad of multi-scale sensors and devices are seamlessly blended for ubiquitous computing and communication.

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BETA P&C Dialogues 3 - Just Culture

Welcome to the third of an ongoing series, BETA P&C Dialogues. In this series, we will talk about the current challenges and best practices in the People and Culture space. This month we are bringing to you a glimpse into the concept of ‘Just Culture’. 

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Building a Cybersafe Culture

This month we are talking about “Building a Cybersafe Culture” with local and international IT/ICT experts. The online environment is rife with threats to our safety and security. Even when someone complies with all customary security requirements, they could still become the target of an attack. Cybersafe culture helps to avoid those risks but also helps to protect against their consequences, because it is impossible to avoid all hazards. This month we will be talking about the building blocks of a cybersafe culture in Bhutan.

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BETA People & Culture (P&C) Dialogues 2 (Virtual) - Performance Evaluation

Kuzu zangpo and greetings from The Bhutan Education and Technology Park Private Limited (The BETA Park)! We are pleased to invite you to the second of our monthly series of BETA P&C Dialogues.

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The BETA Park Open House

“The Future Begins Here! The BETA Park, conceptualized as a self-sustaining community thriving on creativity, inclusivity, innovation, diversity, cultural-sensitivity and collaboration through mindfully deploying appropriate technologies for education and life-long learning of people from all walks of life.

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What makes The BETA Park so unique?

The Bhutan Education and Technology Academy Park Private Limited, also branded as “BETA” and “The BETA Park”, is a self-sustaining community thriving on creativity, inclusivity, innovation, diversity, and life-long learning. Our vision is to nurture competent, employable and mindful graduates who are empowered with an innovative spirit and entrepreneurial skills.

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LIBT Opens Enrollments for 2021

London Institute of Business & Technology (LIBT) is the academic arm of BETA Park. All programmes have been meticulously designed to meet the requirements of the competitive job market pertaining to tech & related fields combining internship (work-based learning) & apprenticeship (work-based training) to produce highly employable, agile and pragmatic professionals. 

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BETA DAY 2020 Goes Viral on Social Media

The BETA Park had its first marketing communications event - The BETA Day - on November 11, 2020 coinciding with His Majesty King Jigme Singye Wangchuck’s birth anniversary.

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