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Tiger’s Nest

BETA Park’s Incubator, Tiger’s Nest, is a programme designed to help start-ups succeed. Tiger’s Nest offers emerging entrepreneurs guidance in navigating common & fundamental issues faced by start-up such as providing workspace, seed funding, mentorship, administrative support & training.

The Process

Ideation & mapping out a business plan

Access to angel investors


Technical assistance

Intellectual Property Management

Finance/ Accounting Services


Shared Operational Costs

Facilitating an affordable workplace

Marketing & Sales Expertise

Growth hacking

Scaling & recruitment assistance

For Start-up Entrepreneurs

BETA Park welcomes new businesses to join the incubation programme for guaranteed results. Some services offered include: help with business basics, access to funding, accounting & financial management assistance, marketing & sales support, networking opportunities, help with regulatory compliance, recruitment and intellectual property management & legal counsel. 

For Students

Students can join the Incubation programme via BETA Park’s educational arm, London Institute of Business & Technology. Upon successful completion of a course relevant to Business Management, Strategic Management or Entrepreneurship, a student can either opt for university progression or join the Incubator and receive mentorship and coaching to run their own business successfully. Students can join Tiger’s Nest while pursuing their Bachelor’s/Master’s Diploma as well.

Course Outline

Startup Entrepreneur - the Big Picture

The evolving world of entrepreneurship, the global, regional and local startup landscapes, why start startups, and how it all fits with you as an aspiring startup founder.
(Week 1)

Getting Ideas

Ideation, innovation, creative imagination, discovering new ideas, new products and services.
(Week 2)

Build Products Users Love

lean startup methodology, minimum viable product (mvp), validating the idea and market testing, agile development, continuous development, pivoting.
(Week 3)

Build a Successful Business

Business strategy, business model canvas, customer development, and business planning.
(Week 4)

Raise Startup Capital

Raising capital for your startup, financial planning and startup investing.
(Week 5)

Company Culture and Building a Team

Building your startup team and creating an innovation culture.
(Week 6)

Branding, Marketing and Sales

Building a brand for your business, a marketing plan for your product and a sales strategy.
(Week 7)

Business Operations and Growth

Operating a business and managing it as your startup grows.
(Week 8)

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